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        About EPE

        Ether Power Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in Taibei in 1999, is specialized in research, development and production of various electronic type stabilizers. In order to meet the market demand, the company set up a company in Taicang, Jiangsu Province in 2000. Under the development strategy of “Professional Research and Development, Professional Production, Reciprocal Production, Mutual Benefits”, the company comprehensively meets demands of customers and provides the most perfect service and product quality for customers.

        Time of Establishment: January 30, 1999
        Floor Area: 21,700M2
        Building Area: 10,000M2

        Main Products
        Automotive HID Electronic Type Stabilizer
        Movable Type HID Light Source
        Miniwatt HID Electronic Type Stabilizer
        Various Electronic Type Switching Mode Power Supply Products
        HID Electronic Type Stabilizer Special for Halogen Lamp and Stage Lamp
        UHP Electronic Type Stabilizer for Projection Light Source
        Electronic Type Stabilizer for Ceramic Halogen Lamp
        Electronic Type Driver for LED